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About Me


I'm Vahid Ranandeh & I'm a Game Developer I'm a VR Developer I'm a Designer I'm a Writer I'm a Game Director I'm a Computer Engineer

Hi, My name is Vahid Ranandeh. You can also call me VONBiRD.

I'm a Game Designer, and a writer.

I have been developing games since 2015, and I have been writing game scripts, short stories, and novels since 2008. I have worked multiple games such as indie games, Web3 games, VR/AR games, serious games, and casual games, for PC, mobile, and WebGL platforms.

I am a PhD student at Ontario Tech University in the field of Game's User Research, and my main research subjects are VR interaction design, Game economy evaluation, and indie game development accessibility. I have a Master's Degree in Software Engineering and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering, in both of which I was the top student of the class.

Birthday: 18 August 1996

Business Website: voidgamesstudio.com

Phone: +1 905-924-5028

Degree: Computer Science-Games User Research PhD Student / M.Sc. in Software Engineering

Mail: vahidranandeh@gmail.com

Telegram: @VONBIRD




Game Direction and Design

I have gained experience on Game Direction, Game Design, and Live-Ops Design, working on multiple video games. I am also experienced in writing GDDs, Game Pitches, and Game Specification Analysis.



Overall, I have been a part of about 10 video games developed by Unity in various genres for different platforms. Working on these games brought me a significant amount of experience in Designing and Scripting in Unity.


Story Writing and Screenwriting

I have over 12 years of experience in Story Writing and Screenwriting. I have written multiple Screenplays for video games, and I have also written a collection of short stories. Currently, I am working on a full-length Novel.



I have studied Computer Engineering for 6 years at University in B.S. and M.S. and I have learned multiple programming languages such as C#, and Python, and I have worked on a variety of University and personal projects.


Virtual Reality

I started working with SteamVR in Unity in 2018, and have developed a game VR development platform. I have also developed a VR Geometry Learning game for our country's "National Elites Foundation".


Project Management

I have gained experiecne in project management, being the project manager of projects in different scales, and working with Jira for Scrum, and Miro for collaboration of the team members and organizing the project.


Other Works


First Annual Game Development Confrence

University of Tabriz Presenter, Game Design Workshop Teacher, BuildBox Workshop Teacher

Second Annual Game Development Confrence: VR/AR

University of Tabriz Presenter, VR Game Design Workshop Teacher, Vuforia AR Workshop Teacher


in Academic

Master's Proposal

I have worked on a Virtual Reality Game Development Platform for my Master's Thesis in Software Engineering at University of Tabriz. Here you can view my Master's Proposal.

in Stories

Shadows of Conscience

Shadows of Conscience is a collection of three gripping stories with unexpected endings. Each story tells a unique tale of people who are fighting their shadows. You can read more about it here.

in Game Analysis

Mafioso Analysis

I have written several articles about games, held multiples workshops and conferences on game Development and analyzed different games. Here you can read my analysis on "Mafioso" video game.