Legends of Learning

Fractured Treasure

What is Fractured Treasure?

In Fractured Treasure players play as "Nolan", "Jacob", or "Tiffany" in an adventure to find the Fractured Treasure, buried deep inside the Mayan temples in the Amazon Rainforest. Players have to solve the puzzles designed by the Mayans to open the doors to their temples and find the treasure. To solve the puzzles, they will need to compare and visualize fractions in different methods, and Professor Henning will teach them the rules of comparing fractions, and guide them in their journey. The puzzles will teach students about visualizing fractions, comparing unit fractions, making the denominators of two fractions the same in two different methods, ordering multiple fractions from the smallest to the greatest, and more. By the time their adventure is over, the students will know all about fractions and ways of comparing them.

Fractured Treasure is our 6th, and most recent game for Legends of Learning, and as always, I was the designer and the director of the project.

Website: www.legendsoflearning.com