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What is Decimal Discovery?

Enter the world of Barlingons and take control of an abandoned spaceship that belongs to an intelligent species called humans! You're on a team of smart pilots to fly the spaceship to Earth and learn the knowledge of mathematics from humans. In order to disintegrate the obstacles on your way, learn about decimal numbers and how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide them!

In Decimal Discovery students will learn all about Arithmetic with Decimals through a fun and entertaining gameplay.

We started developing games for Legends of Learning in 2019, and Decimal Discovery was or 5th game for this company. We developed this game as a team of 4, and I was responsible for design and direction of the project. The game received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the teachers, and is ranked first in its subject. It is being played by thousands of students all across the world.

Website: www.legendsoflearning.com